Would your organization, group, club or business like to have an entertaining and educational program presented at one of your meetings?  James and Linda have designed three unique sets of programs for this very purpose. They are interesting, fun, educational, enlightening - and best of all- they are FREE!

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​This is primarily a PHOTO OP. Groups or individuals may pose with Capt. James, the evil twin of Our Hero, Keeper James!  Maximum 30 minutes of photoshoot.

Starts with a brief lesson on “Why did people become pirates?”

Some pirate jokes along the way.


Keeper James

​The 2008 Warner Brothers movie was, in fact, largely filmed in Rodanthe where Linda Molloy lives and works. She got a “Brief but pivotal role” which was the center of the plotline. Her big scene? With   Richard Gere!

In this delightful, amusing yet informative presentation, Linda shares with you the movi story, how it came about that shewas in it, and the “behind the scenes”s coop! Also, the “birds eye view” of the entire Rodanthe filming at Base Camp right across the street. You will laugh, you will learn, and you will meet a movie star!  Photo ops available, too.  A truly unique experience.





Hence the Phrase

A great many of the words and phrases we use daily have ancient maritime origins.  We have used them all our lives and know what they mean, but have never questioned ‘why?’ Without letting the cat out of the bag, we can tell you this: Using a fun game format, the
audience is given a series of clues until you recognize what it is and then you conclude “Hence the Phrase!”




We present three different live programs to audiences such as your organization. All are 45 to 60 minutes and each contains three brief and related true stories. Some are dramatic, some hilarious but all are interesting, fun and often produce the reaction, “I didn’t know that!” All stories are both educational and entertaining – what we call “edu-tainment.”

Program 1 – “Wrights and Rodanthe” consists of, first, an audience-participation game format about little-known facts about the Wright brothers; next is a story only 15 years later and 35 miles away from Kill Devil Hills happening in Rodanthe about the most highly-awarded maritime rescue in American history; then the segue to a more recent event in Rodanthe – Linda’s role with Richard Gere in the 2008 Warner Bros. movie Nights in Rodanthe, and all the behind-the-scenes antics involved.

Program 2 - “Dramatic Outer Banks Shipwreck Rescues” will take your breath away. It is the trilogy of Rasmus Midgett’s single-handed rescue of the Priscilla, Richard Etheridge and his Pea Island crew’s near impossible rescue of the E. S. Newman, and the Chicamacomico crew of Mighty Midgetts led by Keeper John Allen Midgett, Jr. to rescue the SS Mirlo – which should be another Hollywood movie!    

Program 3 – “Hence the Phrase, Miz. Amelia, and What Really Happened to the ‘Lost Colony.’” The first part is another brief, fun, game-format audience participation discovering the origin of everyday phrases that came from the nautical environment of the 1500-1800s, for example, why do we say “Learning the ropes” when starting something new? The second part is a late 1800s Hatteras Island woman describing her daily life on the island during those times in an unusual and whimsical way. The final segment contains only documented facts, not theories, and clearly addresses and answers that question.


James and Linda present in authentic late 1800s period attire and are certain to both educate and entertain your group. All programs may be booked multiple times but only one program per meeting. All programs are planned to be presented at no cost to you because we will have sponsors.






    Wright Brothers

Wright or Wrong? Little-Known Facts About the Wright Brothers” Program. A fun, game audience participation format.  Keep the program title in mind; you will be amazed how many times you say “I didn’t know that!”

 ​B O N U S    P R O G R A M S

Keeper of the Iconic Outer Banks History Stories


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See "Wright Brothers" section of Gallery for more pix

And, amazingly, these two very unlikely Outer Banks stories are historically connected!

U.S. Life-Saving Service

True,  amazing stories of daring  shipwreck       rescues  from the  Graveyard of the Atlantic by “America's Forgotten Heroes. ”PLUS the most highly awarded maritime rescue in US history.  It occurred right here on the Outer Banks, August 16, 1918.

OPTION: More stories available

       PIRATES!​                                    Nights in Rodanthe

The “Lost Colony” Found!

Once a few basic facts are learned, and a few misconceptions discarded, it becomes quite plain what happened and that there has never been any historical mystery at all.  The ‘mystery’ has only been theatrical.  What is presented here  are well-documented historical facts, not theories.

OBX Lighthouses

Another fun, game audience participation format about one of America’s most loved topics!  You will already know a lot of this, but you will also be surprised what you      didn’t!