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Chicamacomico Life-Saving Station, PBS:

The Chicamacomico Life Saving Station, by NOAA Sanctuaries:

NC Weekend | Chicamacomico Life-Saving station Architecture with Linda Molloy | UNCTV:

NC Weekend | How do you say Chicamacomico and Rodanthe? By Linda Molloy | UNCTV:

The Chicamacomico Life Saving Station by NOAA:

Rescue Men Interview:

Opening Ceremonies CLSS 2010:

Chicamacomico Life Saving Station Historic Site & HMS Bounty Rescue:

National Coast Guard Day and American Heroes Day:

The CLSS Station, ups & downs 2010:

Following In The Footsteps: The Breeches Buoy Drill - Part 1:

Following In The Footsteps: The Breeches Buoy Drill - Part 2:

Chicamacomico Life-Saving Station Video Winning Entry from the Outer Banks Community Foundation!:

Chicamacomico Life Saving Station, North Carolina, Allan R. Smith Productions:



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Interacting with the crowd after ceremonies conclude. A fine day!

Welcome to My World!


Dave Hallac, Superintendant, Cape Hatteras National Seashore, National Park Service.

Sharing a lighter moment with the Honorable Congressman Walter B. Jones, Jr., NC 3rd District, US House of Representatives, another hero present.

James explains the basics of what the U.S. Life-Saving Service was and what it did.


Keeper James with dress uniform Coasties prior to laying of wreath ceremony.

Rear Admiral Meredith Austin (Commander, USCG Fifth District), Keeper James and Event Photographer, Linda Molloy

Celebration of the Rescue of the Sarah D. J. Rawson, Core Sound Museum, Harkers Island, Feb 11, 2017

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The most solumn moments of the Ceremony was as each Life-Savers' name was read, the bell once rung with silent pauses in between.  The honorees were Surfman Kilby Gutherie, Walter Yeomans, Tyre Moore, John Gutherie, James Fulture, John Kirkman, Calupt Jarvis and Joseph Lewis.

At the Wright Brothers National Memorial, December 17, 2016.  This was the 113th Anniversary of the First Flight and the 100th Anniversary of Coast Guard Aviation. 

Linda's dramatic account of the incredible rescue of the schooner E. S. Newman by the Pea Island Surfmen.

PA 3 Corinne Zilnicki, US Coast Guard Public Affairs, District 5, Portsmouth, VA.

Impressive Coast Guard presence.  The U.S. Life-Saving Service was the direct predecessor of today's Coast Guard. Near center in dress uniform is Rear Admiral Meredith Austin, Commander US Coast Guard Fifth District, Portsmouth

"Surfmen, Freedmen, Heroes" Presentation, NC Aquarium, Roanoke Island, NC, February 19, 2017

With Ira Lewis,98, USCG BMC (ret)

Linda and James in garb, representing the US Life-Saving Service on the NC Outer Banks.  Joan Collins (faar left) and cousin Darrell Collins (far right), representing the all-black crew of the Pea Island Life-Saving Station. 

Laying of the Wreath at the Bolder,  Concluding Ceremony. Dr Tom Crouch (back to us), Ranger Darrell Collins and Keeper James reciting the Surfman's duties for the Beach Apparatus Drill.


With Admiral Paul F. Zukunft
Commandant, United States Coast Guard

Keeper James represents the United States Life-Saving Service (1871-1915), a direct predecessor of the United States Coast Guard.

(Left) Dr. Tom Crouch, Senior Curator, Smithsonain Air & Space Museum and author of the definitive WB story, The Bishop's Boys.

Replicas of the Gold Medals each crew member received. Later, each were donated the gold to the WW II.  Heros to the end.  Congressman Walter Jones was instrumental in getting those done for this ceremony. The top photo is the 1888 Cape Lookout U.S. Life-Saving Station responding to this wreck. 

Center, keeper James, then Ira Lewis, then CAPT Patricia Hill, Commander, USCG Sector North Carolina

Darrell Collins (left),  NPS Park Ranger, Wright Brothers National Memorial Historian and world authority on Wright Brothers, United States Coast Guard Commandant Zukunft (center) and Keeper James prior to event.