Presenting the Program "Wright or Wrong- Little Known Facts about the Wright Brothers...and a few common misconceptions,"


James Charlet

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​Find out what the real names of the Wright brothers were ~ Learn with amazement about the greatest NC maritime heroes you will never forget ~ Find the "Lost" colony ~ See the stripes on the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse for the first time ~ pose with an NC pirate ~ meet a real NC movie star!!! 


Speaker on Iconic OBX History Topics

The following are audience testimonials from the presentation at Tryon Palace, North Carolina History

Center, New Bern, NC, July 18, 2015

Very informative presentation and inspirational.  The presenter was very dramatic and helped the audience to envision the actual rescue of the Mirlo on August 16, 1918 by the U.S. Life-Saving Service… 

~ ~ ~ David Babcock, Harbor Springs, Michigan.

 Very informative and well presented about a piece of forgotten history.

~ ~ ~ Robert Papasodero, Brooklyn, NY

 So informative.  I had no idea.  So important to let the public know about these historic heroes.  Thank you and keep it going!

~ ~ ~  P. Toth, New Bern, NC

 Keeper James, you bring forward  the greatest of our times… No one can claim knowledge of U.S. History until they’ve heard about the U.S. Life-Saving Service.

~ ~ ~ Gloria Schraud, New Bern, NC

 Don’t miss this thrilling piece of history that America has forgotten! This should be taught in all American History classes in all schools!

~ ~ ~ James Brown, Bridgeport, CT


Talking with audience members after the presentation

* Title or Rank of man in charge of Life-Saving Station


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Honoring Our Heroes; Preserving Our PastTM

First, the NC beaches were patrolled, then then NC highways, all to keep you safe!

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Keeper James with the other World War One re-enactors at the Tryon Palace North Carolina History Center


Part of "NC Military Through the Ages" Exhibit

​Camp Hatteras, Waves, NC Outer Banks, October 2015


It was a good lecture. ~ ~ ~ Casey, Age 11, Arapahoe, NC

 Great!  Thank you, James ~ ~ ~ J. Salter, New Bern, NC

 Outstanding program. ~ ~ ~  The Haggetts, New Bern, NC

 Very Interesting.  Loved the outfit!   ~ ~ ~  Lorelie Schaffhausen, New Bern, NC

 This was a wonderful presentation—so very interesting….I was just at Portsmouth Island and Cape Lookout this summer and you gave “Life” to the displays I saw at their museums.

~ ~ ~  Jennifer I. Nance, New Bern, NC

Featured Speaker,Tryon Palace, North Carolina History Center, New Bern, NC, Saturday, July 18, 2015 "North Carolina in the Great War Weekend"

 Presentation Specifications:

¨    All presentations in replica period dress.

¨    All presentations 30 –45 minutes; adjustable.

This is an extremely informative and entertaining program, as you can see.  The mantra becomes "I didn't know that!" and it is heard with laughter quite a few times throughout this eye-opening presentation.

Presenting the United States Life-Saving Service

​North Carolina State Fair, Dorton Arena, Raleigh, NC October 2015

THE MOST RECENT PRESENTATIONS will be added here. THE most recent will be at the bottom of the scroll. I have been busy writing a book about OBX Wrecks &Rescues! Will update LOTS of pix and events soon.

During the presentation in their beautiful theater


Stories and Facts about Iconic Outer Banks History Topics That You THOUGHT You Knew.. Plus one HUGE part of Our History That Almost No one Has Heard of....

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​Most programs are presented in a fun game format with extensive audience participation;

​The "Edu-Tainment" style combines Education with Entertainment that produces BOTH for the audience, with frequent squeals of "I didn't know THAT!"  You will Laugh as much as you will Learn !